Why I’m a bibliolater

Bibliolater. I first heard that term in a sermon a year ago and it struck a nerve. I had to research what it meant and why it was used in a negative context by the preacher. I couldn’t comprehend why idolizing the Bible could be considered, well, idolatry.

How is putting the Word of God above ALL else, even being unashamed to take the Word literally when read in context, supposedly looked down upon by other believers? This question is obviously not directed towards my unbelieving readers, but those of you who readily claim Christ as your Redeemer and wholly look to God as Creator.

I understand that idolatry is a sin, as it clearly states in Scripture. However, even coining the term bibliolatry to combine the Bible and idolatry is a dichotomy that  intrigues me. I can’t idolize the Bible without idolizing God and that, my friends, is impossible to do. That is not idolizing, it’s worship.

I worship the Trinitarian God of the Holy Scriptures, as He has chosen to reveal Himself. When I read the Bible, my soul is soaking up every jot and tittle that He has decided to share. His glory, holiness, decrees, commands, wrath, justice, wisdom, sacrifice, desires, disappointments, grievances, plans, mercy and love are all recorded for us in the whole of Scripture. From that, I am given the great gift of knowing the God I worship. If I were to even entertain the idea that worshipping His Word could be idolatrous, I’d be lost. Lost and looking for the answers to the deeper questions life begs of us, hoping for direction, but waiting for an audible hint or searching for signs. Even worse, I’d be looking to myself, my conscience, my heart, or the world and culture around me to help form my theology.

I thank God profusely for not leaving me without His divine guidance. I love the Bible because I love Him. I love Him because He loved me first. I love that I get to worship Him through reading and studying The Word. Admittedly, I have many other idols in my life that I will always be working on to work out, but if one of those is the Bible then count me in as a boastful bibliolater.


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